Geting Job On Competition Market in 2021

Geting Job On Competition Market in 2021
Geting Job On Competition Market in 2021

Job Interview

A to see level the best way to apply for this job is via the NAD s website which is the national air traffic services website.  if you go to their website you can apply online and from there you will be required to do a number of tests that will test your cognitive skills and your decision-making. But once you’ve passed the online test will then be invited to me one-day Assessment Center. Where you’ll go through further tests and you’ll do more group exercises. If you pass that stage you’ll then be invited to join as a trainee air traffic controller. What I think is really good about this application process is it’s totally based on your skills and abilities. Not on your past experience so you don’t need to have a CV that’s practice with experience and lots of other stuff. Geting Job On Competition Market in 2021

You’ve done in the past they’re just looking at what you can do now and their application process is more about tests and seeing how you perform.Than worrying about what you’ve done in the past and they’ve also on their website the NATS have got a series of mini-games that you can play to actually.

Recruitment consultants

Consultant and this is one know a little bit about because I used to work in recruitment many years ago. Recruitment consultants work for recruitment agencies and what agencies are there to do is to help other companies to find staff. So they find staff for companies they place them within that company and they charge the company of fee and as recruitment. The consultant you will earn a commission from those fees so it’s a sales job . You know the more placements you make within companies the more money you’re not a recruitment consultant. Job is basically a sales job and what it involves is going to the clients and bringing in vacancies. So approaching potential clients and saying do you need staff and then once you bring those vacancies.You then go out to the job market you advertise you speak to candidates you scream candidates interview them.  Geting Job On Competition Market in 2021


Then you manage the process through to their interview and then the job off the stage. A good recruitment consultant can expect to earn around thirty to forty thousand pounds a year by really good recruitment. Consultants in the right sort of high-paying industries can earn well more than a hundred thousand pounds a year.  You’re generating money for your employer so generally speaking crewmen consultants or junior recruitment consultants. A trainee will start on a basic salary of around fifteen to sixteen thousand pounds a year. But then you are eligible to earn Commission. On top of that from the moment you start working so the more sales. You’re making all the more placements you’re making the more commission. Getting Job On Competition Market in 2021

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