How To Build Non Profit Organization

 Build Non Profit Organization
Build Non Profit Organization

Build Non Profit Organization

With the services of another organization in the same community, you might discover that it’s a really big uphill battle. To gain any traction to raise money or to make the kind of deep impact that you’re hoping to. So you really want to make sure that you’re focusing on addressing needs. That is not already being addressed by an organization that’s doing a good job in the community. Now I’m not saying that competition in every case is bad. In some cases an organization might be out there that’s not really being very effective. In that case maybe it’s healthy to have a little competition. I’m all about innovation and making sure that the most important thing is getting done. That is solving the social issues. That we’re here to solve ultimately we should be thinking how can we put our non-profit out of business which means. Build Non Profit Organization

If you’re gonna start an organization have a vision of that end goal what would it take to create a world. In which your nonprofit doesn’t need to exist whether that’s ending homelessness or ending human trafficking. Whatever it may be your goal is to solve the problem and then either disband or move on to solve another problem. The goal is not to perpetuate your organization for all time if that were the case then there’d be no point starting at all .  Build Non Profit Organization


So if you’ve studied the landscape and you have found other organizations out there doing what you are essentially hoping to do. And solving the problems that you’re hoping to solve you’ve got a couple decisions to make the first. There any way that you can partner or collaborate with this organization in reinventing. How To Build Non Profit Organization

The wheels perhaps you could be an asset to them the second thing is taking look at are there any major gaps. That organization is not able to fill and if you really want to start your own nonprofit perhaps. That gap is what you could focus on to make sure that you’re meeting a need without competing. For the same funding sources as the other organizations, the third thing that you want to do before starting a nonprofit is to think through your business plan. Especially including your plan to be a financially sustainable organization. Would be one that has regular revenue coming in that you know you can count on and ideally you’re in a situation. where you can not only count on that to survive at a base level.  Build Non Profit Organization

 Build Non Profit Organization
Build Non Profit Organization

How Grow

But you have a plan for how you’re going to grow and make an even bigger impact over time too . I mentioned before ultimately try to solve the problem. That you have Excel to solve when you’re thinking about the financial component of your business plan there’s no one-size-fits-all for every solution. A lot of nonprofits think that grants are just kind of a silver bullet and that getting some grants will solve all of your problems . But when in reality only about one in ten grants can be obtained even by professional grant . Writers so grants are very competitive they’re very difficult to get and they’re definitely not a source of funding . That you should probably rely on when you start a non-profit if you’re interested in more information about the different ways. A non-profit can fundraise and explore developing that financial sustainability. How To Build Non Profit Organization

I’ve got another video for your fundraising strategies when you’re trying to start or grow a non-profit. You can check that out the link to there are two main components of the business plan that you want to really focus on. At this early stage and that is once you’ve figured out. What meaning what actions or activities your organization is going to undertake to inevitably address that big problem. You are setting out to address you want to know how are you going to measure your progress towards. The goal if it’s something like ending homelessness an obvious way to measure that would be that there are no people experiencing homelessness in the city . For X number of years in a row measuring these things is called measuring outcomes so an outcome is basically the difference between where you started before you begin. Build Non-Profit Organization


Your organization and the different world that has been achieved now that you’ve been working at . It for some time essentially how you change the world so you want to know how are you going to measure your impacts. Towards your progress towards the outcomes that you’re hoping to achieve is it a changes in attitude or perception about something . A survey might be a good way to track the changes in attitudes over time. When you survey someone in the beginning you survey someone at the end of the year how has it changed if it’s something. The example of homelessness that I just brought up it could be how many people have who were chronically homeless are now.  No longer on the streets and in affordable housing, the second major piece of the business plan that you want to think through before starting a non-profit is of course

That fundraising piece and how you are going to plan to become financially sustainable as an organization . Whether that is through some kind of earned income mechanism charging some very small reasonable amount for items or services . That you offer or sponsorships thinking through what is going to be the best fit for your specific organization.


And again recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all nonprofits every organization is different. That is going to need a different approach to be successful there is of course a ton more. That should go into a business plan for a non-profit from your operations to recruiting volunteers to your marketing strategy . But if I depict the top two things it would definitely be how are you going to measure your outcomes . And impacts and how you’re going to be financially sustainable as an organization and I know that.

When I was first starting a non-profit those are the two things that . I wish I had put a little bit more thought into in the very beginning. So are you thinking of starting a non-profit and what stage in the process are you . I’d love to know please share that in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. Because I’m making weekly Articles on nonprofits’ social impact service leadership and more. I really hope that you found this helpful please if you are on Facebook check out my Facebook group change the world. Or bust we having conversations there about how to make a difference. in the world effectively and it’s just really good conversation so come join us over there I hope this helped you out don’t forget to check out my other Articles if you are starting a non-profit.

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