How To Write Good Article

How To Write Good Article
How To Write Good Article

While it may be a winner of well-written prizes, a single book, an independent novel, has little chance of commercial success in today’s reading market. Lots of students are looking for repeat heroes, characters who come back to deliver goods to many places. It is something a student can look forward to and feel comfortable with. Series novels are a thing. And looking back, reading the army of fans who follow Arthur Conan-Doyle and eagerly await his latest Sherlock Holmes treatment, I feel like it has always been that way. Now is the great time.  How To Write Good Article

The series’s novels are always entertaining with crime, mystery and espionage. Some happen by accident. They start with one book, then another, perhaps another poem, then a third, and so on. Some are made from scratch. My new novel, The Sum of Things’ recently released on Amazon’s Kindle, is one of these. It is the first one I also aim to be a long and successful series. How To Write Good Article

Success – How To Write Good Article

When I was writing my novel, I thought how long should the series last? Given the success, how far should the author go further in producing his series before calling it quits? And what methods should he use to control the continuation of the series? Surprised, I started exploring some of the latest novels in the series. How To Write Good Article

Perhaps, the most popular series today should be Jack Reacher’s novels by Lee Child. Two novels: ‘One Shot’ and ‘Never Go Back’ have been turned into successful and well-funded films starring Tom Cruise.

Since 1997 with ‘Killing Floor’ the author has been producing a novel for a year, for twenty years, most of them winning awards. His latest show, ‘Midnight Line’, # 22 in the series, will be released in November. His previous novel ‘Night School’, (# 21) has been reviewed by Amazon 5,464. I was impressed. Since only a handful of students are concerned about writing a review, that gives some indication of the sales numbers for Children’s Books that they enjoy. And marketing should be one of the major indices the author will use to decide whether to continue or not. But when I read one of Jack Reacher’s reviews, I can see that cracks appear.

Series How To Write Good Article

Many readers, some of the most outspoken fans of the series, lament that the sites are being taken over and see Prince struggling to come up with new situations and new media ideas, his style becoming more sophisticated and his villains becoming ‘chicken cartoons’. ‘It looks like a child’s art source can burn. Anyway, based on current popularity, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more about Jack Reacher.

Among other works, that brilliant British How To Write Good Article, Stephen Leather has now published fourteen novels in his Dan ‘Spider’ Shepard Thriller series and is still receiving good reviews.

Another successful series was Andy McNab’s Nick Stone Series for thrillers.  But get this: you can pre-order on Amazon Kindle for a total of US $ 26.78! Hewu. How’s that on the cheek? Not a hard idea, e-book. It would be a long cold day in hell before I paid 27 bucks for a folded, signed hardback gift not to mention a Kindle e-book. Her previous book, ‘Cold Blood’ # 18 in the series, has a price tag of US $ 14.24, still more expensive than the novel I hear. And reviews for this series are no longer valid. 2- and 3-star revues exceed 4 and 5 stars; not a good sign. Time to stop, but I feel that Andy will continue. You may have seen the text on the wall and decided to do as much as you could before it crashed.

Best Series

The most notable series of recent years was Inspector Morse Series by British author Colin Dexter. A television drama was made with that great actor, John Thaw, in the role of Morse, it was very good, well produced and I really enjoyed it. And during the television series, I focused on the books and enjoyed them even more.

Dexter wrote Thirteen novels for Morse, beginning with ‘The Last Bus to Woodstock,’ and ending with ‘A Remorseful Day’, in which Morse dies. Yes, he ended his series by killing his main character. Dexter did not apologize or explain. It was the author’s decision and alone so it had to be that way. But his fans were disappointed, and I included.

How To Write Good Article
How To Write Good Article

In making Morse an alcoholic with bad eating habits and indifferent to his health, could Dexter have set a precedent for his hero to bring about a fatal heart attack that could end the series whenever he wanted? It looks like that to me. It is worth recording that he killed Morse satisfactorily and closed his series with a high note, his last novel receiving excellent reviews. Not by Colin Dexter disappointing reviews for frustrated fans.

And it was death that ended another great series; the proverb of James Bond. Not Bond’s death, but that of his creator, Ian Fleming.


When Fleming died alongside that English golf course on August 12, 1964 at the age of 50, there was a very interesting series. Not a greatHow To Write Good Article; it shouldn’t have been. But he was right. And while it may be true that he wrote the thoughts of the older children, his prose was lean and light-hearted, and each word is listed. His novels were editors of the real page, and he was very readable.

His latest novel, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, which was not completed at the time of his death, was put together by his publisher, Jonathan Cape, and published eight months later. The negative performance that lacked all that we fans were expecting in the Bond novel, has received a negative yet respectful review. I did not enjoy it very much. It seems that heavy smoking and poor health have caused the How To Write Good Article to become overwhelmed. Surprisingly, though, it was a fast-selling retailer in both hard and paper form.

Fleming left behind a combination of twelve Bond novels and a compilation of short stories, so it ended. Or it should have been. However, the publishing house, Jonathan Cape refused to accept it, again

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