What is Health Promotion and Public Health

What is Health Promotion and Public Health
What is Health Promotion and Public Health

Health Promotion and Public Health

Public health is about really keeping populations healthy, so we’re really interested in the very broad scope. Thats Why it might be about… how the environment affects your health, how your education impacts your health, so it’s really big, really broad. Because of that’s strength really that is very good for people that that is particularly interested in the clinical side of things so, people that might be interested in nursing Level 3 could also go into roles that are in public health. What is Health Promotion and Public Health

Therefore I was a direct entry student… that means coming in in the third year of the degree, into level 6, I had a nursing background but I wanted to change direction, I wanted to get away from the clinical side of things… so I felt that public health would be a perfect opportunity for me. So I joined, health promotion, public health after doing a year of midwifery at the University of West London.  I found it really easy to… …uh… join the course.  … After about… two lessons, I felt like I had been there the whole time.  … Everyone is very friendly, the lecturers are very welcoming, and everyone in the course. What is Health Promotion and Public Health

What it is and where it can take you

 I really enjoyed making new friends  … the whole atmosphere of the university, the support from the tutors. I think the research project, I really enjoyed doing that, and the dissertation part of the course. At the end, I felt I owned my own piece of research. The support, that I get from the academic staff they are quite helpful, they are there to help and support you, they listen to your worries. I really enjoyed the diversity of modules that there was something for everybody. What is Health Promotion and Public Health

What is Health Promotion and Public Health

But I particularly enjoyed the dissertation module.  So, some people, start lower-level entry jobs so they might be beauticians, for example. A teaching assistant, in a school. It’s also, working with large organizations that are key in public health initiatives. So that’s places, like Public Health England, and also, some different places, like World Health.

 Organization or the United Nations, which look at public health on the real global scale. A lot of our previous students have done a lot of charity and voluntary sector work. So some have worked in sexual health charities, some have worked in charities with drug and alcohol misuse, housing…things like the home start. That kind of thing. Working with families and different population groups. I think I would say definitely go for it. What is Health Promotion and Public Health

it can change your life, it can change your direction I really enjoyed my time here and if you want to make a difference to people’s lives I think this is an opportunity to be able to that. I would tell them to go for it, because health promotion and public health is quite broad, and then,   you get to expand more on the knowledge of health and wellbeing. And how to physically address it in the community. You really will find your niche, very quickly, and like I said, public health opens so many doors for you that you can really explore, whatever you want to explore.

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