Why MPA Course for Good Job

Why MPA Course for Good Job
Why MPA Course for Good Job


Clayton State University’s Master of   Public Administration program my name is   Lisa Holland Davis   I am the MPA program director here at   Clayton State University I have a couple of special guests that I will invite up in a minute but before I bring them up I want to give you a quick overview of our university our program and some useful information that might answer some of the questions you have about the Master of Public Administration here at Clayton   State before I introduce the guests actually let me mention that at any time during the presentation you can submit questions online and we will take those questions in various points throughout the program tonight just . Why MPA Course for Good Job

 Remember that you’re gonna need to be logged in in order to ask a question you can view the webinar. Without being logged in but if you want to ask a   question in real-time. You will have to be logged in if you prefer to ask a   question offline. Also, you can use the email address M PA at Clayton edu. Someone will get back to you in a timely manner.  So let’s start with a little bit about  Clayton State University for those of you who may not be familiar. I often hear that Clayton State is one of the best-kept secrets in Atlanta. We are located about 15 miles south of Atlanta in Morrow Georgia we are a   brick-and-mortar institution. That has been here since 1969 we will actually be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary this upcoming fall. We have a total student enrollment of somewhere around.

Why MPA Course for a Good Job

Around 7,000 students that include both undergraduate and graduate students the graduate student. The population makes up about 500 of that total student. Enrollment and the average age of our students is about 27. This means that we cater to non-traditional students working adults. Who may have been in the workforce for a number of years where they choose to come back. And finish their education with us here at   Clayton State. So let me tell you a   little bit about the organizational structure. Where the Master of Public Administration program falls in the university. We are located in the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the largest academic units here at Clayton State. We have nine different departments and we teach classes in most areas of the core curriculum. Why MPA Course for a Good Job

Why MPA Course for Good Job
Why MPA Course for Good Job

Clayton   State at some point in their career now the master of Public Administration program. Is located within the Department of Social Sciences. Within that larger College and our department has four different undergraduate programs in criminal justice. Legal Studies political science and sociology so most of the faculty who will be teaching. In the master of Public Administration program. Come from either the political science or criminal justice faculty . But we also have faculty from other disciplines that will help out from time to time. We have a number of faculty on campus who have backgrounds in public administration. Human Resource Management can bring a wealth of experience to the program. So let’s get into talking a little bit about the structure of our online MPA   program here. Our program is an accelerated program meaning that the way.

Program Details

In which we have structured the program it can be completed in 12 months. In fact, it’s a little less than 12 months since we have structured the program. So that you can attend a fall-spring and summer semester and finish your . Why MPA Course for Good Job, MPA for as little as nine thousand four hundred and five dollars, of course. That total does not include books and other small fees that may arise so let’s talk a little bit. About what the accelerated path means so the accelerated path means that again you’re enrolled in classes during the short semesters. During a fall and spring term so a typical summer or a typical full semester includes 16 weeks. Within that 16 weeks, we have two short sessions both eight-week long the format that we have developed allows.  Why MPA Course for Good Job

  So in the fall and spring, you will take a total of five courses in during the summer we’ll utilize the entire 10-week   semester. You’ll take one course and then complete either an internship. Or capstone class if you don’t feel that you can keep up with the accelerated format. if you just wish to take a   little bit longer to complete the degree that’s fine. We have an extended format that allows you to go at your own pace. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to take one course two courses three courses whatever fits your schedule. You’ll work with one of our advisors to determine what path feels appropriate and work out a plan of study. Just note that the cost will be slightly higher depending on the number of semesters that you attend next. Why MPA Course for Good Job


I want to highlight some of the degree requirements we have six core classes in the MPA program that anyone regardless of concentration will take these six classes we believe provide the basic public sector skills that are necessary for anyone regardless of what sector   they work in so whether you choose to work in the criminal justice system or work with a nonprofit organization these six classes will provide you the background that is necessary now we have two concentrations that you can choose from in addition to those core classes the first concentration is a general policy and administration concentration so this is for those people who are seeking to work in either a state or a county or a municipal agency or maybe choosing to work in a   non-profit agency and so in addition to those six core classes.  Why MPA Course for Good Job

Public sector leadership skills legal issues and relationships between managers and the workforce the second concentration is a criminal justice concentration so if you’re seeking to work in law enforcement   Corrections the court system or our nonprofit agencies that might serve crime victims or former offenders then the criminal justice concentration would be the area that you would want to focus on in this particular concentration we’re going to provide electives on kind of general crime patterns and trends across the United States police courts and corrections kind of an overview of the system criminal behavior and theories that may explain it special factors when working with juveniles and then maybe additional special topics classes. Why MPA Course for Good Job

Corse Length

 On particular policy issues such as drugs and crime what you see here is a kind of a plan of study this is the accelerated format it shows you how you would complete your degree within a   12-month period so you can see that in the first eight-week session of the fall you would take your beginning introductory public administration course you would choose an elective appropriate to your concentration area and you would be enrolled in the research methods and applied statistics class during the second eight-week session you would take ethics and public administration another elective related to your concentration and you would continue the research methods and applied statistics the research methods and applied statistics class is a full semester. Why MPA Course for Good Job

Why MPA Course for Good Job
Why MPA Course for Good Job

The class that is a class that we feel is   fundamental for anyone in a graduate program and especially those who may be seeking to write grants to write reports for shareholders or stakeholders and therefore we didn’t want to rush that in a shorter session we want to make sure that we can cover that to the fullest extent but what you’ll notice is that in any given semester you will only be taking 3 courses at a time during the summer you’ll take one elective course and then complete your internship or you what the start dates for each of the semesters look like so for fall 2019 the upcoming semester the start date is August 10th   the full semester runs until December   9th the two short semesters are nestled within that longer semester so your first short session goes from August   10th to October 4th.


The second short semester begins on October 9th and runs through December 9th note that the spring and summer start dates are tentative pending the release of the final academic calendar but tentatively they’re scheduled to begin on January   11th and May 23rd   let me cover just briefly. Why MPA Course for a Good Job. Some of the admissions requirements I do have a   special guest from Enrollment Services who will come up in a few moments to talk to you more specifically about the process of applying to our program the minimum requirements that we are looking for are a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution if you had an undergraduate GPA that fell below a 3.0 but you’re somewhere in the range of a 2.5 to a 2.99   then we require that you take the GRE .

Application Process

You would go online to complete the Graduate Studies application submit a 50 dollar application fee submit an official transcript a statement of purpose kind of explaining to the admissions committee why you are seeking an MPA and where you feel it will take you in the future to letters of reference and your curriculum. Why MPA Course for a Good Job. Vita or resume our application deadlines for the upcoming fall semester arguing 30th   that is our priority deadline our seats are limited we’ll begin reviewing applications in the coming weeks once we reach that seat limit then we will no longer be taking applications so we encourage you to apply early so our priority deadline is the 30th of June our final application kind of the drop-dead date will we will not accept applications anymore.

It’s   July 30th 31st let me pause at this point and ask if there are any questions if you’ve submitted any questions I’d be happy to take them alright feel free at any time if you’re logged in send those questions in or send them to the MPA at Clayton edu   address. Why MPA Course for Good Job i would be happy to take them if you think of them later if you know you go to sleep tonight and wake up first thing in the morning and go oh I   wish I’d asked that question feel free to contact me directly you’ll see my email address my direct email address on the screen you can give me a call or again that easy to remember program email MPA at Clayton DD you will come to me as well as a couple of other folks.

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