Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers
Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

Working in Japan:

Japan is a world leader and key the United States all this modern nation spends five main islands from Hokkaido. in the north to tropical Okinawa in the South, US forces are stationed in Japan pursuant to the US-Japan. Treaty of mutual cooperation and security of 1960 Japan engineer district is designated as the Department of Defense design and construction agent for US forces. Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

And other agencies in Japan our people play a vital role in defending and stabilizing the Pacific region by providing high-quality facilities for the US military. The Japan Engineer district team strives to provide the best possible working and living facilities for US military personnel and their families.  We Have earned a reputation for delivering top-quality projects on time. Thanks to dedicated people we have a mix of a lot of backgrounds people from all parts of the United States. As well as between a lot of great people who worked really hard to find interesting projects the district offers career opportunities in a wide range of occupations and disciplines. Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

Engineers Carrier

Whether you’re designing a new facility and renovating an existing facility or performing Quality. Assurance you’re able to provide solutions to unique challenges in partnership with our Japanese folks. it’s really a great growth opportunity profession I work on horizontal and vertical project projects funded by the United States.  All projects funded by the government demand for instance the project behind us, it’s wonderful construction the contract is very professional you end up working on a lot of different disciplines. And learning a lot of information and getting to see how people in other countries do their work we employ specialists in a number of supporting career fields. Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

On our team I came here it’s an accountant and now I’m working as a budget officer so I have had personal and professional games from my experience. In the Corps of Engineers in the Japan district so far I work for the legal office but I get to interact with many divisions from the district. I have learned a lot about working with people in teams professionally and I’ve grown to love Japan I’m able to do things. That I want to do and they give me the opportunity to learn and to discover integral we work on us and host nation funded design and construction. Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers


These multi-million dollar programs provide a unique experience for engineers project managers. And all involved work is both fulfilling and refreshing. you actually see the end result of your team’s effort that long Japan engineer district field offices. Provide construction oversight and quality assurance working. Closely with regional bureaus of the Japanese government’s Ministry of Defense this working relationship with our governor. Japan counterparts give me the opportunity to be part of history to actually make something that’s lasting here in Japan and it will canal and also to strengthen our alliance between our two countries. Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

In the United States and Konan and the people of Japan, the district’s programs and project management division execute congressionally. Technical assistance for the development of documents and criteria and engineering surveillance for us and Government of Japan funded programs.

Job Opportunity

The staff includes all disciplines construction branch provides contract administration quality and safety management and technical assistance. On-site these engineers supervise u.s. funded construction projects from groundbreaking through warranty execution. They monitor all Government of Japan-funded projects at US installations.  I heard from the full range of highly professional employees including Japanese nationals employees.  So it’s the teamwork but really the mentorship too as a Japanese citizen working with Korra. Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers
Working in Japan with the Corps of Engineers

How Can Apply

 I have a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and culture with my American counterpart you may work at headquarters on Camp. Zama in the Tokyo metropolis or in a field office on a US military installation housing is provided by the military or you’ll be given an allowance for rental on the local market. You also benefit from access privileges for military commissaries exchanges postal services childcare and the Department of Defense. Dependent schools fitness centers health care family member employment and other community services people who are very friendly. They’re in the same situation as you there are away from their primary family. So we will help each other to get accustomed to the culture. To living here another great benefit of working here in the japan.

Family Living

 I’ve made a lot of friend’s nice family atmosphere basically a small-town feel people. The district some contractors the coaches of people outside okay he’s been a great experience. Just being one of those things that you want to stay here. Almost and keep living it over and over again one of the things I enjoy. About Japan is being able to go anywhere taking the trains. You know you don’t have to really worry about driving living in Japan. Has been great we have all four seasons, of course. The great Japanese food working in Japan it’s like a working vacation for me . I do my normal work as I do in the States. I expect my jobs and my office work but then, I can go out for lunch or dinner. And I’m in a different country.

It’s all part of the package with the US Army Corps of Engineers Japan district I’m Colonel Brian Truesdale’s commander. The Japan Engineer District . Please take a few moments and find out about life. And work here for you and others like you. this is a fantastic place to work.  I get comments like that continually from our American and Japanese teammates over the next few years. We have a lot of work and much to accomplish. The kind of work we perform here makes a difference.  Our design and construction programs of vacancies even in these challenging economic times. We are in the hiring mode and we want you on the team

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